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A high school basketball referee has to be as in shape as the players. With that in mind, imagine Carl Chianese's surprise when he experienced chest pains. A visit to his doctor revealed a need for immediate bypass surgery. Under the care of St. Francis Thoracic Surgeon, Pasquale Luciano, DO, Carl will soon be back on the basketball court.


Evelyn Perez's family had a history of cancer. She wasn't terribly surprised when the doctors discovered a lung nodule. Her surgical team at St. Francis answered all of her questions, and suggested minimally invasive robotic surgery. Evelyn appreciated less pain and a quick recovery. Evelyn reports, "I walked in here like a champ and came out feeling a lot better!"


Lisa Szczeck was not only too young for heart attacks. In addition, she ran marathons and ate healthy. When she had a pain in her chest, she thought it was heartburn... Within hours, they discovered a spontaneous dissection of her coronary artery. The team at St. Francis reacted to the situation quickly, resulting in a successful recovery.


Dan Balko was a healthy man. He ate right, exercised and made good decisions about his overall health. Unfortunately, his family had a history of heart disease. When he began to have chest pains, he and his doctors discovered four blockages in his heart. The team at St. Francis performed a life-saving quadruple bypass. Dan reports "the best care he's ever had in his life."


Vivian Andrews' family had a history of heart disease. Despite her excellent diet and daily exercise, Vivian was diagnosed with serious coronary artery issues. The staff at St. Francis, from her surgical team through the nursing and Physical Therapy staff, treated Vivian with respect and dignity. In return, Vivian kept a song in her heart, cheering all those around her.


In thirty plus years of marriage, James and Patricia Allen do everything together. It makes sense, then, after trying every diet imaginable, they decided to pursue gastric bypass - together! Their gastric surgery team, led by Dr. Lou Fares, discovered Patricia had cancer. During her procedure, they successfully removed the cancer. James and Patricia are grateful both for the weight loss - and a saved life! ~ James and Patricia Allen


When Debi Stotland met Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Lou Fares, she sought a healthier lifestyle. During the pre-screening tests, the team discovered a cancerous tumor in Debi's abdomen. Dr. Fares was able to modify her procedure to remove the tumor. Today, Debi has a new lease on life, and is grateful to the team at St. Francis. ~ Debra Stotland

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