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Our Physicians

At St. Francis, an outstanding multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular specialists and more care for heart and vascular patients.

  • Our heart and vascular physicians, including both those on staff and with privileges, are strongly devoted to St. Francis and our mission of valuing the sanctity of life and treating every individual with dignity.
  • Our Board Certified heart and vascular physicians have undergone extensive training in cutting edge cardiovascular treatment and procedures.  With offices right in the hospital, the cardiac surgeons are available for their patient’s day and night.
  • Our staff cardiothoracic surgeons work on-site, full time, so they are always just a few steps away from the patient’s bedside
  • Our heart and vascular physicians live and work locally, meaning they’re close by when patients need them.
  • St. Francis partners creatively and strategically with the physicians of Our Lady of Lourdes, another of CHE/Trinity’s  regional acute care hospitals, to enhance its ability to provide a full-range of top quality heart and vascular care
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