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Health Requirements

For the protection of students, clients, and other employees, students are required to provide documentation of immunity to certain communicable diseases that can be prevented by immunization. Pre-admission physical examination records must be provided to the nursing school office prior to arrival into the nursing program.

The following immunizations/screenings are required:

  1. Measles
  2. Mumps
  3. Tetanus – Diphtheria - Pertussis
  4. Rubella screening with immune titer
  5. P.P.D. (TB) screening, (required annually) with a two step on admission or a QuantiFeron Gold Test.  A chest X-ray may be required if P.P.D. or QuantiFeron Gold Test is positive.
  6. Varicella Zoster (positive history or screening with immune titer)
  7. Hepatitis B Virus - Vaccine is strongly recommended along with a titer.  First dose required prior to clinical experience.   A waiver must be signed if the immunization is declined.

All students must have the required immunizations on admission, Further immunizations and documentation may be required as administration determines necessary.

All students are required to carry some form of health / hospitalization insurance.

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