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David Knowlton named as one of NJ's Top 10 Healthcare Policy Analysts and Experts

St. Francis Medical Center Board of Trustees Chair, David Knowlton, named by NJ Spotlight as one of New Jersey's Top 10 Healthcare Policy Analysts and Experts

The List: New Jersey's Top 10 Healthcare Policy Analysts and Experts
Knowlton, Cantor cited by policymakers as authoritative voices

New Jersey's healthcare experts span a wide variety of areas of expertise and approaches to policy. They include academics, trade association representatives, and hospital and insurance executives.

But a common thread unites these experts: the shared experience of having contributed to and observed the results of New Jersey’s experiments in healthcare reform that preceded the federal Affordable Care Act.

The following list intentionally includes some names other than might be expected. There are no repeats from NJ Spotlight’s list of the top healthcare lobbyists published in July. Although many top lobbyists are also policy experts, we wanted to highlight a separate set of experts. In addition, this list doesn’t include any current elected officials or state employees, focusing instead on those in the private sector. The list is derived from expert opinions drawn from policymakers and close observers of the process. Without further ado:

1. David Knowlton, president and CEO, New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute
As the former deputy health commissioner in Gov. Thomas H. Kean’s administration, Knowlton has been at the front lines of New Jersey policymaking for as long as anyone on this list. He also helped bring together business and labor while leading the Health Care Payers Coalition of New Jersey. His voice carries enormous weight in legislative hearings and he has become a national advocate for using quality metrics to assess hospitals through his position on the Leapfrog Group’s board.

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