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New Treatment Possibilities to Cardiac Catheterization with New Hybrid Operating Room

Combines Capabilities of Cath Lab and Standard OR

Providing cutting-edge imaging via robotic technology and positioning flexibility that has unique imaging applications in angiography, cardiology and surgical procedures, St. Francis Medical Center recently became the first medical facility in Mercer County to offer the Artis zeego® multi-axis C-arm system from Siemens Healthcare.  Located in a new hybrid lab, this technology combines the imaging capabilities of a cardiac catheterization lab with the sterile environment of a conventional operating room (OR).
Cath labs are used for minimally invasive catheter procedures such as balloon angioplasties, while standard operating rooms are used for more invasive procedures such as open-heart surgery.  “The hybrid OR enables physicians to do procedures that may require minimally invasive and open-surgery techniques simultaneously”, said Dr. Jay K. Patel, Medical Director of the St. Francis Medical Center Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Department.

Our top-rated cardiologists and outstanding cardiac surgical team combine their compassion and skills at The Heart Hospital at St. Francis—the only state-recognized Regional Cardiac Center in Mercer County.   St. Francis is proud to add the hybrid lab to their comprehensive cardiac services, offering the most advanced technology to deliver the best outcomes to their patients.  

Over the past several years, St, Francis Medical Center has invested nearly $10 million on facility and capital equipment improvements to support the growth of the cardiac surgery program. From the creation of a second cardiac catheterization laboratory to meet the demand for increased diagnostic procedures to the new cardiothoracic care unit (CTCU) for post-surgical recovery, The Heart Hospital offers an impressive, comprehensive range of cardiac treatment services. 

“As demand for more complex interventional procedures increases, we needed a solution to ensure more efficient performance and deliver broader imaging capabilities,” said Dr. David Drucker, who has been specializing in the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral artery disease, thoracic and abdominal aortic pathology and structural heart disease at St. Francis Medical Center and other CHE affiliated facilities.

Dr. Jay K. Patel of Hamilton Cardiology Associates and Dr. David Drucker of Mercer Bucks Cardiology currently perform endovascular procedures in the new hybrid lab.  In the near future, St. Francis Medical Center will be offering non-surgical treatment of aortic stenosis, also known as TAVR, in the hybrid lab.

Interim CEO and President, Christy Stephenson adds “The addition of this hybrid lab demonstrates the commitment St. Francis Medical Center has to the community to provide world-class cardiovascular care close to home.”  For more information about The Heart Hospital, call 888-655-SFMC.

Photo: Hybrid Lab – St. Francis Medical Center

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