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Recognized for Outstanding Record in Patient Safety

St. Francis Medical Center is proud to announce that we have scored an A in the 2014 Fall Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The Leapfrog Hospital Survey is the gold standard for comparing hospitals' performance on the national standards of safety, quality, and efficiency that are most relevant to consumers and purchasers of care. Measuring errors, injuries and infections, the survey is the only nationally standardized and endorsed set of measures that captures hospital performance in patient safety, quality and resource utilization.
The 2014 score compares our hospital to others in the state and across the country on 28 performance measures. St. Francis Medical Center put many processes in place to make and keep our patients safe and provide evidence based quality care. In keeping with our mission we continually strive to provide quality care while keeping our patients safe.

“St. Francis Medical Center’s longstanding reputation for delivering high quality care at a reasonable cost has been confirmed with this quality score,” said Interim CEO and President Christy Stephenson.  “With an increasing focus on healthcare value and value-based purchasing of healthcare services driven by healthcare reform, providers are challenged to maximize their productivity and efficiency without sacrificing quality.  This award further validates that St. Francis Medical Center successfully meets those challenges.”

“Patient safety needs to be a 24-7 priority for hospitals, as errors and infections are all too common and often deadly,” said Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, which administers the Hospital Safety Score. “We commend the ‘A’ hospitals, including St. Francis Medical Center, for helping us to raise the standards of health care nationwide, and demonstrating that they’ve made the well-being of patients a top priority.” 

Developed under the guidance of Leapfrog’s Blue Ribbon Expert Panel, the Hospital Safety Score uses 28 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to produce a single “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” or “F” score representing a hospital’s overall capacity to keep patients safe from preventable harm. More than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals were assigned scores in fall 2014, with about 31-percent receiving an “A” grade. The Hospital Safety Score is fully transparent, with a full analysis of the data and methodology used in determining grades available online. 
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