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St. Francis Medical Center obtains cutting edge device that can save lives

When someone is in cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. St. Francis Medical Center recently obtained a cutting edge device that will allow every second to count. The LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System is a safe and efficient tool that standardizes chest compression in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines.

In order to be able to save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest patients and avoid neurological damage, a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain is needed. 

Continually performing manual chest compressions on a patient with the same degree of high quality for each compression is difficult, tiring, and impossible in certain situations.  The LUCAS 2 standardizes the quality of chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. It provides the same quality for all patients.  This allows for a safe and consistent compression over time, regardless of transport conditions, rescuer fatigue, or variability in the experience level of the caregiver.  Probably most importantly, in an Emergency Room setting such as St. Francis Medical Center, the LUCAS 2 frees up rescuers to focus on other life-saving tasks and creates new rescue opportunities. “The LUCAS 2 is going to increase the likelihood of returning circulation to a pulseless patient.”

Previously powered by battery the new electric, mechanically controlled LUCAS2 provides compressions that are able to sustain a higher blood flow to the brain and heart compared to manual compressions.  The device is easy to carry and can be applied without disrupting manual compressions jn as little as 20 seconds.  “This is a vital piece of equipment”, said Dr. Steve Vetrano, Emergency Room Director.  “We are the only hospital in Mercer County with this kind of advanced technology.  If someone presents in the ER and they are not breathing, this cutting edge therapy gives someone a fighting chance.”

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