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Your Admission

Admission to the hospital can be a stressful event and we will do everything possible to make it a smooth and easy process. We will need to ask you some questions and ask for your insurance identification cards. This information is necessary for our records and critical to your medical care. Law requires some detail, while other information is needed for billing purposes. We appreciate your cooperation in facilitating this process.

Consent for Treatment Forms

Before a procedure, treatment or therapy is performed we will ask you, or in certain situations your next-of-kin, to sign consent for treatment forms. They are designed to help protect both you and the Medical Center. Please take all the time you need to read them carefully and feel free to ask questions before signing.

Before You Arrive

Pre-Admission Testing

When you are having an elective procedure, your first visit will be to the Pre-Admission Department, which is located in the basement, accessible from the Chambers Street elevators. The Pre-Admission Department (PAT) makes arrangements for your stay and when directed, pre-registers your stay, verifies your hospital benefits with your insurance company, and checks on pre-certifications and authorization requests. The staff is ready to answer your questions and will give you information regarding the day of admission.

During Your Stay

In Your Room: Complimentary Telephone and Television

Patient beds on most units are equipped with a telephone and a personal television. Phone and TV services are provided free of charge.

Food and Nutrition Services: Meal Selections

St. Francis offers a personalized menu selection program for all our patients' to meet their nutritional needs. A copy of the daily patient menu is available in each patient's room. A food and nutrition colleague can assist in menu selections if needed. Occasionally, selections will be altered prior to meal delivery due to diet restrictions established by your physician.

If you do not have a copy of the menu in your room or have questions or comments about your meals, please dial 5041 from your hospital room. Family members can assist in ordering a patient's meals by calling 609-599-5041.


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