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Your Discharge

You are being admitted to St. Francis Medical Center because your physician believes that your condition deserves such acute hospitalization. Today, however, patients are typically only kept in the hospital for as long as their illness requires very close supervision and treatment. Once your physician believes you are stable enough to go home, your stay with us will end. Just because you will be leaving the hospital, however, our job of helping you is not over. We want to make sure that you receive the care you need after you are discharged as well. Services can continue in other settings such as: home care under Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, day care, nursing home, rehabilitation centers, etc.

Discharge Planning

From the time arrangements are made for your hospitalization, your physician, nurse, and social worker, along with other members of St. Francis’ healthcare team, will help you and your family plan for your discharge.
Soon after admission, your doctor will give you an estimate of when you may expect to go home and will work with your care team to make any special arrangements you might need for follow-up care. Nurses, pharmacists, and dieticians may teach you how to take care of yourself at home. A home care planning nurse may arrange for special equipment you might need, or a nurse to visit you at your home. A social worker may arrange for community services or transfer to another facility.

Going Home

We want to make your transition to home a smooth one and offer the following tips:

  • You can never start too early to plan for someone to provide you with care after your discharge from the hospital. This may be a family member, close friend or agency. We suggest that the best transition to home begins with sharing your needs with your physician and your family.
  • Please be sure to discuss your needs with your physician. Talk to your nurse if special arrangements for discharge are required.

Home Health Services

The familiar surroundings of your own home may be the best place for you to heal from an illness or injury, especially if you receive the care and treatment you need.

Home Health Services will provide you the medical attention you need under the supervision of specially trained personnel. Expert care can be provided by a team of health professionals working under the direction of your physician, with an authorization from your medical insurance company.

You may choose whichever home care agency you prefer. Our integrated case coordinators or social workers will expertly assist you in obtaining home care services.


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